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June 27, 2018 

The Leicester Soccer Club will be holding their Annual Meeting on Tuesday, August 28, 2018 at 6pm in Meeting Room #3 at the Leicester Town Hall. If your child is registered by the July 6th deadline you are invited to attend. Please find the meeting agenda here.


Click here for the Leicester Soccer Club By-Laws.


The Leicester Soccer Club is affiliated with MAYS - Midland Area Youth Soccer. Information on MAYS can be found on the MAYS website.


Registration for Fall occurs in the Spring, and Spring soccer in the Fall. This is necessary since we need to send all of the paperwork into the leagues in a timely manner. MAYS begins considering the placement of teams for the schedule months in advance of the season to create the most competitive divisions possible. The Leicester Soccer Club as a result has to have the teams requested and paid for by January for the spring season and May for the fall season.

Players must register on time. Registering late results in either anticipated teams with not enough players, or confirmed teams that end up with too many players.

If your player has not been registered yet, please visit our registration page.

Players not yet registered will be placed on a first come first serve list, and will be placed on a team as space is available. This may mean that higher division players will need to play the season on a lower division team.


There are different rates for U6/U8 and Travel Teams. Please visit our registration page for more details.


The Leicester Soccer Club board is constantly searching for organizations to provide clinics for the players. At present, the club has decided upon Challenger Sports from England. They have given us wonderful clinics in the past. Watch the main page for information.

Team Assignments

There are many considerations for placing players on teams. A player's skill level is only one attribute considered for team placement. We are not a premier soccer club and we do not stack teams for playoff contention. We try to achieve a diverse mix of skills on each team so every team in a specific age group has a chance to be competitive.

Skills include not only the ability to kick a ball hard, but also include passing skills, foot and body control, teamwork, sportsmanship, soccer presence, and communication.

Other considerations for placing players on teams could include travel considerations, family conflicts, or other extenuating circumstances. We are not able to accommodate special requests for team assignments since teams are assigned with the goal of making every team competitive. Once the teams are compiled, switching or trading of players will not be allowed, except for a major circumstance.


All divisions will play approximately 8-10 games to be held on Saturdays with Sundays as possible make up dates in the event of bad weather or field conditions. We often need to use a weekday for a makeup games when weather issues cause games to be rescheduled.

In case of bad weather:

[1] Check the Cancellations website page for cancellation information

[2] Coaches will call or email all of their players within a timely manner of being alerted by the LSC. Check with your coaches to determine the method of communication they are comfortable with. It's easier for coaches of older teams to send out a mass email letting you know a game is cancelled than it is for them to have to call 18 players. Also, the new Sports Manager scheduling application that MAYS uses will send out an email to all coaches and team members of both teams of any cancelled game, so when in doubt watch your email!

[3] In the absence of a pre-game cancellation, you must report to the field.

Practices will be held during the week, after school hours. Time and frequency of practices is determined by both field and coach availability, but you can expect on 2 - 1 1/2 hour practices per week.


Every travel player (U10 and up) must purchase a town uniform for use during the season, which must be worn each game. The uniforms are reused each season so it's a good idea to request a larger size that your child can grow into to get the most use out of it. The jersey number assigned is recorded on the team roster and the game officials will check to make sure the number on the roster matches the number the player is wearing, so uniform swapping between friends or siblings is not allowed. Jerseys must be tucked in during each game. Shin guards and soccer cleats are required for games. Softball cleats will not be allowed by game officials. If there is a question whether a pair of cleats will be allowed or not, if the shoe has a spike right at the end on the toe, it's generally a softball cleat and won't be allowed. If there is a space at the tow with two spikes off to either side it's a soccer cleat and will be allowed.

Every U6 and U8 player will be given a T-shirt which they are allowed to keep at the end of the season! Every player must wear shin guards for every game. Cleats are recommended but not required.

Jewelry is not allowed during games or practices!

All Players are requested to bring a ball and water to practice.

Coaching / Referees

Anyone interested in learning to become a coach or a referee should contact a member of the board of the LSC. Volunteers are needed for both Head Coach and Assistant Coach positions. Coaching clinics are available to all interested parties. Please give all of the coaches, and especially the referees, all of the support that you can provide.

Recreational Teams (U6 and U8)

The LSC has many teams competing in the recreational program. The rules are different for these age groups based on the recommendations of the USYSA pertaining to small sided games. These age groups focus on keeping the game fun while still teaching the players the basics of the sport.